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East Village Dental Centre is there for all your General and Family Chicago Dentist needs

When you need to find the best Chicago general dentist for routine exams, cleanings, root canal therapy, wisdom tooth extractions, emergency dentist work and tooth-colored fillings, the East Village Dental Centre provides unparalleled skill and experience to ensure a healthy, attractive smile.

Cleanings and Exams

The East Village Dental Centre offers comprehensive exams and dental cleaningsdentists in chicago in a contemporary setting including:

  • Full mouth x-rays and a careful teeth/gum check
  • Exam of your head, throat, and neck areas
  • Complete dental cleaning
  • In-office CAT scan for 3D imaging and procedure planning.

With over 40 years combined experience, the Chicago dentist team lead by Dr. Gary Treinkman looks very carefully during your exam for gum disease, decay, malignancies, and more.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth typically grow in between the ages of 14 and 25, and there is often not enough room with all the other teeth already being present. The wisdom teeth best dentist in chicagocan become crowded, which is termed “impacted”. This may lead to pain, swelling, and jaw stiffness.

Extraction of one’s wisdom tooth often becomes necessary, and East Village Dental Centre’s Chicago Dentists perform the extraction frequently. Sedation dentistry is available for the procedure either for oral sedation or nitrous gas.

Even if impacted wisdom teeth are painless, they may create an alignment problem which can ruin straight teeth created with braces or lucky genetics. Consideration should therefore be given to wisdom teeth removal between the ages of 14 and 25. Call East Village Dental Centre for a free consultation with one of the experienced Chicago dentists.

Root Canal Therapy

When the dental pulp of a tooth becomes infected and painful, a root canal will prevent spread of the infection and loss of the tooth. During a root canal, the Chicago dentist cleans out the infected region all inflamed tissue, bacteria and decomposing nerve endings. Once finished, the cleaned up area is then sealed with a special dental material.

After the root canal therapy is completed, the Chicago dentist places a custom dentist in chicagoporcelain crown fashioned within minutes by the latest technology in dentistry, CEREC .

The 3D CAD technology with CEREC is located right in the East Village Dental Centre office, and allows porcelain crowns to be made and placed permanently in the same visit as the root canal. Typically it takes two separate visits to complete treatment, but not at East Village Dental Centre. Sedation dentistry for the procedure is available if desired.

Tooth Colored Fillings

In the earlier days of dentistry, cavities were treated with metal fillings. They looked unsightly and often were not durable over the long term. East Village Dental has incorporated the latest treatments with tooth colored fillings, which look and wear better than metal fillings.

Tooth colored fillings are composed of durable resins and plastics and provide an intense bond between the tooth and the filling. If you would like the most modern dental treatment in Chicago, Wicker Park, Lincoln Park, West Town, River West, Noble Square, Ukrainian Village, Goose Island, or Fulton River District, call East Village Dental today to ensure a beautiful, healthy smile.

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