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dental implants chicago

Expert Chicago Dental Implants with Dr. Gary Treinkman and the East Village Dental Team

When an adult loses a tooth, unfortunately it does not grow back like a lizard’s tail. The resulting defect in a person’s smile can lower confidence and self esteem, and also be detrimental to biting and chewing food properly.

To fix the existing defect, dental implants offer a permanent replacement for

chicago dental implants

Dental implants at East Village Dental look and feel completely natural.

missing teeth, and when placed properly will resemble and feel just like your natural teeth. East Village Dental Group offers the Chicago areas around Wicker Park, West Town, Noble Square, and Lincoln Park with premium quality dental implants placed by a renowned Chicago dentist.

Chicago dental implants with Dr. Gary Treinkman’s East Village Dental team are tailor made specifically to provide a natural looking implant with the proper shape, texture, and coloring to properly integrate into your smile. With over 40 years combined experience as a Chicago dental implants team, East Village Dental accepts nothing but perfect implant positioning for their patients.

The dental implant begins as a small titanium metal post that is placed into the jawbone where the tooth is missing. The bone grows around the implant, making it extremely stable. The replacement tooth is custom made to fit onto the post and fill the space from the tooth that was lost while appearing and feeling natural.

affordable dental implants chicago

A tiny metal post is placed in the jawbone to anchor the replacement tooth.

The dental implant can either replace a missing tooth or support dental bridges or dentures. They function just like real teeth and are attractive. Dental implants combine excellent form and function in your mouth.

When it comes to finding a Chicago dental implant doctor, experience is vital. There is a substantial amount of technical skill necessary to ensure your optimal result for your mouth’s function and aesthetics. Trust the best implant dentist in Chicago… Dr. Gary Treinkman and his team at East Village Dental Centre!

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dental implants in chicago

People cannot tell the difference between the implant and your natural teeth!